Installation of Carriage Door Hardware on a Garage

If your garage is equipped with a carriage door, you will certainly need to change its hardware in time. Here you are free to choose from two possible options: to do the installation yourself or to have it done by professionals. Of course, the second variant is easier, but you will need to pay additional money for it. If you want to save your dollars it's better to install carriage door hardware on your own, especially taking into account that this is a rather easy procedure.

So, this do-it-yourself project in home improvement can be completed in less than one hour and will save you a lot of money. The hardware isn't expensive, by the way. Carriage door hardware is installed directly onto your current garage door and it will immediately transform it into an elegantly looking product. The carriage door hardware is represented by a great number of finishes and styles for you to choose from in order to complement the general appearance of your house.

Well, before starting the project you'll need to check up whether you have all the necessary tools which include:

After you have ensured that you have all the higher mentioned tools, gather them together in one place in order to access them easily. Now, you have to simply follow the next steps.

Step 1:

Locate the carriage door hardware where they are required and use a marker to mark the holes on these places. Marking the second door, select a reference point(s) and take the right measurements of the distance from this reference point to handle - Tempurpedic pillow. Ensure that you're going to locate your hardware evenly from both sides.

Step 2:

This step will require from you putting on your safety glasses as you will have to deal with products that can harm your eyes and face. Take a bit that has the same size as your rivet and drill a hole in both marks you have made before.

Step 3:

Apply a reasonable amount of Adhesive onto the back of one article of hardware and do the same to your garage door. Always line up holes in your hardware with holes made in your door. Stick the hardware to your garage door until it holds up steadily. It will require about one minute.

Step 4:

Now, the rivet has to be inserted into one of the holes. Further, rivet gun opening should be placed over rivet, and the arms of rivet gun - pressed together for two or three times until a pressure seal is created. When you feel pressure, your arms should be pressed together as hard as possible. Rivet nail is expected to pop off, and as a result, the hardware will be riveted to door. Take the rivet nail and arrange it in the right way. Further, steps 3 and 4 should be repeated until all carriage door hardware is installed.

Finally, wipe off any excess adhesive carefully after the application of every article of hardware. Enjoy your home improving project!