Tips on Choosing Proper Door Stops

Door stops play a very important role for every door, be it at home or in the office. This device can be truly called a silent helper you can frequently find in a great number of businesses, social establishments and homes. Generally speaking, a door stop performs a few important functions including keeping the door open and preventing it from opening too far not to damage the wall or some piece of furniture. There're many different styles of door stops available in the market. They may differ in functions so it's very important to choose the correct one for your office or home.

Basic Information About a Magnetic Door Stop

One of the available types of door stops is a magnetic door stop that is mounted to the wall or the floor. Its peculiarity consists in the fact that it requires the magnetic power to keep the door open. This type of door stops proves to be very efficient as it needs only one step and it is suitable for the greater number of standard doors. However, you should remember that a heavier door will require a bigger and stronger magnet. Such a heavy door may even require a completely different style of door stop. If you lack information in this question, consult your contractor.

Depending on the chosen style of door stops, a magnetic door stop can also shield the walls from the doors that are hung in the wrong way and can swing open or close independently. If the door stop has a projection of three inches it will prevent the door knob from hitting the wall and forming undesired cracks and dents if the door opens too hard on its own. Another significant advantage of a magnet is that it will catch the door if it suddenly opens and won't let it slam shut again.

Basic Information About a Rigid Door Stop

The second type of door stops that is worth our attention is a rigid door stop that needs to be screwed directly into the wall and is characterized by a rubber tip at the end. This rubber tip is very important as it protects the door itself from being accidentally damaged. This type of door knob proves to be efficient in protecting the walls as well but isn't able to hold the door open. If you purchase a solid brass door stop but not a plated one, you will get a high quality product that is resistant to natural tear and wear in the course of time.

Basic Information About a Spring Door Stop

It's worth discussing one more type of door stops known as spring style door stops. They are very much like rigid door stops but they use a spring construction not a solid piece. Spring style door stops are not so expensive in comparison with other types of door stops but unfortunately, offer some disadvantages. The first disadvantage deals with the fragile construction of this device that can result in frequent replacements as the product is constantly bent and damaged in the course of time.

Basic Information About a Hinge Pin Door Stop

Hinge Pin Door Stop is another style of door stops that is used either when there's no base or floor board. It can be also used with a decorative trim. The greater number of these door stops need to be screwed directly into the trim, and as a result, visible screw holes can be left. A hinge door stop is rather screwed into the hinge than into the floor. Those door stops use a two leg construction that doesn't allow the door to rotate the entire length. Hinge Pin Door Stop have rubber tips specially designed to prevent damage of the door.

So, these were the most common door stops. All of them can be easily found in the specialized stores or online. You will undoubtedly find the door stops to meet your individual needs and preferences.